Am I Guided?

Happy birthday to Creating Joy and Wellness. In this first year our tribe has nearly doubled. Much gratitude to you all, I’m continuously inspired by your comments and encouragement.

Am I Guided? 

Absolutely! Everyone is guided. Surely, you’ve had instances of uncanny coincidences or déjà vu. Divine guidance is the knowing in your heart, the tug of intuition at your sleeve, the still voice within. To become a receiver just Open, Ask, Listen and Discover.

      – Open – Quiet your mind, express love to raise your energetic                      frequency and become a broader receiver.

      – Ask – Declare your availability. Invite your guides in and request                  their assistance. They will not intrude, but are eager to help.

      – Listen – Look for a common vocabulary. Guides may speak in                      telepathic messages, images, a knowing in your gut, or sending                  items such as feathers or coins.  Be observant and you will                          recognize their outreach.

     – Discover –  Be open and play. Let go of the outcome. Be in loving                patience; it comes from allowing and can’t be pushed. It may be                  dormant but be assured it is there. There are no boundaries.

When you step up to the plate and invest in your guides, your guides step up to the plate and invest in you.
“When you are open and ready your guides will be also.”                                                           – Dr. Ruth Anderson,