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Linda Dierks is a pioneer of self-generated wellness, sharing her knowledge and experience as an author, speaker, blogger, and radio host.

Finding the source of core healing became her life’s mission when breast cancer left her debilitated, depressed, and beyond the reach of conventional medicine. After studying leading-edge wellness philosophies, alternative healing modalities, the mechanics of energy, and mind management practices, she blended science and higher awareness to create lasting joy and wellness.

She describes the catalyst and source of much of her insight as coming from, “A higher force, like a gentle palm in the small of my back, steering me to healing practices and new ways of thinking.” This guiding force remains a steady co-pilot and voice behind Linda’s writing and teaching.

Linda laid the foundation for this lifework during the first chapter of her professional life, spending the bulk of her career as the director of a regional Chamber of Commerce, later as the director of a small college, and working with a counseling program.

In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree, she is a graduate of Leadership Vermont, the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Leadership Development, and the American Society of Trainers and Developers Train the Trainer program. She is currently seeking her license as a Spiritual Practitioner in the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Linda spreads her message of emotional and physical wellness through personal empowerment, the power of thought, and the power of love at cancer retreats, AIDS projects, substance abuse programs, and motivational and spiritual groups.

Her first book, Quiet Mind: How to Create Freedom from Depression and Anxiety, was released in 2019.

Linda is a fifth-generation Vermont native and divides her time between Vermont and southern California. She finds personal rejuvenation in hiking, sculling, yoga, writing, and spending time in the vibrant Green Mountains of Vermont and the quiet stillness of the southern California desert.