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Step Into Your Power – Love Yourself

By Linda Dierks | May 22, 2018

Love and God are synonymous. Stand in love and you rise to the highest frequency and engage in your personal dance with the divine. The more you express love the more you ignite and circulate this sacred vitality in an ever-escalating upward spiral. The practice of Self Love is instant and enormous. Try it, right now. Pour love down through your central channel core in a steady flow. With a flush of warmth and expansion you wash away feelings of doubt, insecurity and self-limiting thoughts. In a moment you infuse yourself with calm & confidence. You raise your self-esteem and...

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Step Into Your Power – Embrace Your Gifts

By Linda Dierks | May 15, 2018

“And if your light’s under a bushel, it’s lost something kind of crucial.  You got to stay bright to be the light of the world.”                                                                         – lyrics to Light of the World, Godspell You are endowed with distinctive gifts. A mix of talents, skills and interests that light you up and set you apart. Do you launch your gifts or let them languish behind...

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Step Into Your Power – Know Yourself

By Linda Dierks | May 1, 2018

I knew that I had stepped into my power and reclaimed my confidence when I no longer felt “less than” anyone regardless of their success, profession or financial status. Knowing I was onto something I scratched my head and got serious about finding out where it came from.  What did I do right? Self-esteem starts with defining who you are.  That sense of self, that radiant pillar of light, flavor, color, and being-ness that is uniquely you. Ask yourself …. When I let go of fitting in what is it about me that rises to the top? What rings sterling and true...

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Growing Through Adversity

By Linda Dierks | April 24, 2018

This week I post my article from the March edition of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. My sincerest thanks to SOM for welcoming new authors. Finding the Gift in Illness, Adversity & Spirituality  Growing Through Adversity by Linda Dierks Wouldn’t we love our lives to bounce along without a single bump or bruise? We’d gladly live fairy tale lives but the trade-off would be losing those treasured tangles that, in hindsight, brought us the most meaningful rewards, that gift we find when we rise above obstacles and gain greater insight. I refer to those days as the ‘dark ages.’ My...

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Come Dance With Me

By Linda Dierks | April 17, 2018

Enter: my guides. I’m a pretty transparent guy but telling someone you’re an intuitive isn’t your typical first date material. But over 20 years ago I started seeing energy fields. Then 10 years later when cancer and depression left me raw with pain and ripe for learning I began receiving visual images and messages and the recurring invitation “Come dance with me.” Initially my guides reassured me that I would climb out of the hole encouraging me to “Stay the course,” with my spiritual focus and reassuring that “As far as you are down, you will exceed when you rise...

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Etch A Sketch Your Brain

By Linda Dierks | April 10, 2018

Just like your old Etch A Sketch you can erase old paths and engrave new ones in your brain. Our brains have enormous plasticity. One hundred billion neurons and their connecting synapse create highways of thoughts that dictate how we interface with the world around us. Use the same route and you strengthen it. Pick a different route and the old one falls into disrepair. We become what we repeatedly think. Create harmony or harshness, blockages or breakthroughs.  Scientists refer to this as cognitive thought and neuroplasticity. So why do we care? Beneficial thoughts, reactions and habitual behaviors can be...

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The Spiritual Pasta Maker & Your Thoughts

By Linda Dierks | March 27, 2018

Boon or bust? Every thought and word you utter has the ability to help or hurt you. We know that this malleable energy is the building block of our bodies, our universe and our source of health and happiness. And it gets even better. This energy can be steered by your thoughts. Your thoughts are like a magnet that attract similar energy that creates the chemistry of our bodies and the circumstances of our lives. The energetic signal you send out will attract its energetic equivalent. Also called The Law of Attraction it puts you in the driver’s seat. We...

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Joy, Wellness and the Science of Energy

By Linda Dierks | March 20, 2018

Happy first day of spring, the only day when light and darkness are equal lengths all over the world. May this day of balance blossom into renewal, promise and peace. Joy, Wellness and the Science of Energy Society isn’t famous for making paradigm shifts quickly but it’s time to pay attention. It’s been over 100 years since Einstein introduced the Theory of Relativity, E = mc2, stating that “E,” meaning energy, and “M,” meaning mass, are one and the same. Everything in our lives – trees, buildings, the chair I’m sitting on and yes, our bodies, right down to your pinky...

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Stepping Up to the Plate, You and I

By Linda Dierks | March 13, 2018

Stepping Up to the Plate, You and I This started when two of my favorite women, both successful authors, said, “You should write a book. Share your learning and healing success to help others.” I had dug myself out of a deep hole of illness and depression using core healing skills and wanted to broaden my audience beyond my workshops. And when Science of Mind magazine featured one of my articles I knew the Universe was saying “yes.” Now, there’s that place in all of us that would rather die fat, dumb and happy. But I know this was the purpose behind...

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Illness, Adversity and Spirituality – Finding the Gift

By GoldAdmin | March 7, 2018

“Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.” – Groucho Marx Yes, it’s been a while and in the interim my work has expanded, I’ve gone back to school to become a Spiritual Practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living and been asked to join the Leadership Council there. Teaching others to be self-empowered creators delights and inspires me. As we become self-empowered creators our thoughts attract the energy of what we desire and we watch it unfold – it’s a dance we learn, a magical and fruitful frolic. This process continuously demonstrates for me. I used...

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Energy, Relationships and Universal Peace

By Linda Dierks | September 4, 2019

When I first started working with energy my understanding of relationships with others skyrocketed when I learned about our “home frequency” – the resonance of our energy field that is unique to each of us. And, like a musical note, you are in harmony or discord with the people around you.Like a magnet, if you instantly fuse and feel comfortable with someone you have similar or harmonic frequencies. But if you feel friction with certain people, it’s likely you have discordant frequencies and another opportunity to exercise your higher consciousness skills.Engage with the person, look deeper to find something you have in common or a...

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The Colors of Spirituality

By Linda Dierks | August 8, 2019

The Colors of SpiritualityI was thinking of spirituality as a blend of many different qualities; primarily love, joy and beauty. Then my guide chimed in saying, “Yes! The qualities of spirituality are like the colors of nature. When you blend them you get richer results.”It looks like this:               Primary Colors                          Secondary Colors               blue + yellow               =                   green               blue + red                    =                   purple               red + yellow                 =         ...

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Are You the “I” of the Storm?

By Linda Dierks | July 6, 2019

Conflict doesn’t come to us, it comes from us. If there is a storm in yourlife, step back and take a deeper look. We see things not as they are butas we are.Do you recognize these four winds in your storm? defensivenessmisunderstandingcompetitionfear Ask, “What’s knocking me outside my comfort zone?” Identify the sourceof the threat and examine your negative knee-jerk responses and attitudes. You calm the storm when you seek to understand and find common ground. Place more importance on peace than on ego and the need to be right.    Real transformation comes from facing our dysfunctionsand seeing our role as the “I” of...

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Yowza! Let’s Play!

By Linda Dierks | June 20, 2019

Yowza! Let’s Play! After releasing my book I made a conscious commitment to not work and just play for a while. This is not my natural M.O. But as my mind settled it broadened, absorbed, and generated higher perspectives. I mean, some real Yowza stuff!Let go. Seek the mind-refreshing purposelessness of play. Rid the need to always be productive. My guide chimed in, “Observe what you do when you can do anything – nature, arts, intellectual interests. These are your natural conduits to higher awareness and the means to bring greater guidance, intuition, and creativity into your life and work.”You...

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Ghosts From the Past, Who You Gonna Call?

By Linda Dierks | June 6, 2019

Ghosts are those long-ago incidences of mistreatment, oppression, outrage, and fear that still haunt you. For the offender, they manifest as guilt. For the offendee, they are blamed for poor self-esteem, living in victimhood, and a catch-all for life’s hardships. Who you gonna call? You can’t change the past but you can change your attitude about it. Look more closely and you’ll see that these challenges hold a greater lesson for you. My challenges generated valuable life-skills of grit, determination, and personal empowerment. Changing your perception comes from a place of higher consciousness. It is the completion of the lesson...

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Finding More Beauty in Life

By Linda Dierks | May 2, 2019

My Panda Express fortune cookie said, “You see beauty where others see only ordinary.” Hmm, that’s true. I find beauty in both the ornate and the simple. And when I raise my awareness by choosing joy, appreciation, and looking for the best in others, the more beauty I find. When I align with this higher frequency I lift the veil to reveal more.   My guide tells me: – Beauty is that which both elevates and restores you. – Beauty is coming into yourself – finding your genuine nature, your purpose, your voice. – The more beauty you see in...

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Weaving the Fabric of Life

By Linda Dierks | April 11, 2019

When I was a kid, I wove potholders out of nylon loops on a metal frame. I gave my grandmother a zillion of them and she still “oohed” and “aahed” over every one. The weave of your life is also created with the same care and attention. Hold the fabric of your life up to the sun and examine the intertwining threads, like cheesecloth. The vertical warp represents your character and the values that give structure to your life. It is fixed. But the weft is something you consciously choose. The weft are the attitudes you carry, the memories you...

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You Have the Ruby Slippers

By Linda Dierks | March 31, 2019

Dorothy: Will you help me?Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power.Dorothy: I have?Glinda: Just close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. You also have always had the power. The power of the Ruby Slippers lies in your thoughts. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every attitude you project, has an energy that attracts the identical match to you.Focus your thoughts on what you seek and you are on the fast track to the Emerald City. Entertain doubt or limiting thoughts and you’ll be trapped in the forest. There is...

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Am I Guided?

By Linda Dierks | March 14, 2019

Happy birthday to Creating Joy and Wellness. In this first year our tribe has nearly doubled. Much gratitude to you all, I’m continuously inspired by your comments and encouragement.Am I Guided? Absolutely! Everyone is guided. Surely, you’ve had instances of uncanny coincidences or déjà vu. Divine guidance is the knowing in your heart, the tug of intuition at your sleeve, the still voice within. To become a receiver just Open, Ask, Listen and Discover. – Ask – Declare your availability. Invite your guides in and request their assistance. They will not intrude, but are eager to help. – Listen – Look for a...

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Grab the Bull’s Eye of Self-Esteem

By Linda Dierks | February 28, 2019

I recently read that the measure of your self-esteem is the distance between who you are and who you want to be. Grabbing self-esteem is your bull’s eye; anchored and unwavering. Who you are? Is true authenticity & being comfortable in your own skin. Is the balance between self-importance and self-doubt. Is outgrowing the need for approval from others and finding approval from within. Is the courage to be transparent, warts and all. Who you want to be? Is the ability to fully utilize your skills and special gifts. Is the bravery to voice your truth to the world. Is...

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