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About Linda

Linda Dierks

Linda found herself beyond the reach of conventional medicine after breast cancer treatment left her debilitated and depressed. Then, through the pale winter sun came a message that a deeper source of core healing was available, and she was designated to find it.

In that moment of knowing, she describes a higher presence, “like a gentle palm in the small of my back,” pointing the way to advanced wellness methods and self-directed practices that became her simple healing program.

Linda is a pioneer of self-empowered joy and wellness and a Mental Health Mentor. Her first book is Quiet Mind: Natural Freedom from Depression and Anxiety. She is also the writer and host of Welcome to My Porch vlog, host of the Step Into Your Power radio series, and producer of Quiet Mind Seeds on Facebook and Instagram.

She is a fifth-generation Vermont native who finds rejuvenation in hiking, sculling, yoga, and writing in the vibrant Green Mountains of Vermont and the quiet stillness of the southern California desert.


Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing,
Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers:

Certified Intuitive Healer

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies:
The Future of Wellbeing – Deepak Chopra
Energy Medicine – Donna Eden
Manifesting, Magic & Miracles – Pam Grout

Centers for Spiritual Living:
Building a Healing Consciousness
Prosperity Plus
Self Mastery

Yale University:

The Science of Wellbeing

Sounds True:

Hay House:
Speak, Write, Promote
Gregg Braden
Joe Dispenza

American Society of Dowsers:
Master Dowser and teacher

Healing Connections: Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light

Ellen Tadd: author, spiritual leader, clairvoyant

Gordon Michael Scallion: author, spiritual leader

Neelam Minocha: quantum alchemist, channel

World Intuition Summit

Law of Attraction


Alternative Healing

Reiki, Energy Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Applied Kinesiology

She is a congregant and leader at the Centers for Spiritual Living, Science of Mind community

Bachelor of Science degree
Leadership Vermont
US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Leadership Development

Public Speaking Training:
American Society of Trainers and Developers Train the Trainer program
Transformational Speaking – Gail Larsen
Hay House:  Speak, Write, Promote
theater background

Linda’s Team

Jennifer Jas, editor
Words With Jas

Jeff Harrison & Andrew McCauley
digital marketing, Swingpoint Media

Rebeccah Colburn, website and design


Spiritual Dance

My guides repeatedly beckon, “Come dance with me.”
Let your spiritual expansion also become a dance; a time of whimsy, delight and intimacy with a higher presence – a soft melody that always hums in the background of your life.

Minerva’s Field

Sit a spell. Breathe.

You’ll hear her too.

You too, can listen, find higher guidance, and hear that voice that invites you to dance.

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