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This is your time of joy and wholeness.

Knowing I could find the core source of healing, I opened myself to broader possibilities and was met by a higher presence guiding me, reassuring me, and always beckoning, “Come dance with me.”

Now I’m sharing these transformational concepts with you.

I created the Three Stepping-Stones to Joy and Wellness, a program that bridges science and higher awareness to restore a vibrant life of:

        - Greater joy.

        - Lasting wellness.

        - Freedom from depression and anxiety.

You can live in joy

and fulfillment.

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From Ashes to Wholeness

I found the source of core healing after breast cancer left me debilitated, depressed, and beyond the reach of conventional medicine. I, alone, had to pull myself out of the hole.

I studied leading-edge wellness philosophies, alternative healing modalities, the mechanics of energy, and the functioning of our brain. And led by a guiding presence, I created a route to vibrant wellness through personal empowerment, the power of thought, and the power of love. The steps are simple and easy to incorporate.

If you also experience physical or emotional challenges, I feel a personal kinship with you. I am your messenger of these healing truths. 

If it can happen for me,

              it can happen for you.

Watch for My Second Book...

The Three Stepping-Stones to Wellness and Joy: A Woman, A Higher Presence and Triumph Over Illness and Depression

“I am endlessly the nine-year-old girl rolling my overalls up to my knees and stepping stones in my bare feet across mountain streams, a sneaker in each outstretched hand for balance. The girl irresistibly lured by the unknown and seeking discovery.

“This courage, grit, and gumption served me well in mid-life when cancer and depression nearly stripped away my life. But within me was a driving force and inner knowing steering me to a greater source of wellness. Today I live in joy and fulfillment and bring my experience full circle by passing along my learning so you can also return to happiness and wholeness.”

Come along;

                          I’ll show you how.

“Linda puts joy and wholeness within the grasp of everyone and is the proof of its success.” ~ Cancer workshop participant


“Linda’s style is compassionate, humorous, and that of a knowledgeable mentor …” ~ Dr. Ruth Anderson, Founder of Enlightened World

Together we can experience 

vibrant wellness and joy.