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Dying Gets a Bad Rap

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Dying gets a bad rap. I’ve always said, “The ultimate freedom in life is to not be afraid to die.” Our cultural conditioning robs us of the richness that lies here.

The cancer in my liver has expanded and new tumors have cropped up. I can try a different chemotherapy every three weeks that will buy me more time, but I am declining further treatment.

I am contented, in clarity, and welcome the coming adventure. To do more chemotherapy would leave me sick and frightened taking all the peace, grace and goodness out of the dying process.

This is what my passing will look like. An enormous gift from my friend and teacher, Neelam Minocha. Please click to watch.    <Click Here >

To illustrate the joy and celebration to be found here I share these realizations sent to me over the last five months:

Dying is like being on vacation and you’ve stayed long enough. It’s been lovely, but it’s time to go home now.

Let go of the outcome.
Let go of control.
Stay in the present.
Expect miracles.
(As with all things in life. )

I’m just exiting earth school to move up the evolution. So much more learning is to come. I’m barely out of kindergarten.

Maybe I’m so content with this process because I’m already a higher being. I’m just changing out of my earth school clothes.

I’ve been aspiring to pure consciousness my whole life. Now I’ll get it free!

I am moving from carbon to crystal.

I am already moving into higher form. When I look in the mirror, I see my body as something separate from me.

“The ultimate freedom is to live without the body.” – Neelam Minocha

“It’s just the liftoff that gets sticky. You’ve done this before.” – Rev. Dale Olansky

My friend and mentor, Meredith Young-Sowers said,
“The greatest gift you can give us is to be in joy.”
To that I add, “The greatest gift you can give me is to be in joy.

When my mother died, I was sent a black and white image of the profile of her face coming up through the surface of the water and she gasped in the air. The message was that living in physical form was like trying to breathe under water. After she died, I was sent the exact same image but in vivid color. A metaphor for the expansion and beauty on the other side.

Remember the three golden rules:
Take care of yourself first.
We are here to show God a good time.
Love cures all.

I have the easy job here. Please send prayers to my friend and caregiver Jennifer Hall, and my brother Dennis Smith who are doing the heavy lifting.

I am closing the porch and encourage all of you to take up the torch in your own voice.
With great love and joy,
 – Linda

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