Facing cancer and depression I let go of the rope, trusted my fate to a higher force, and was met by a higher presence reassuring me, guiding me and always inviting …

”Come dance with me.”

Together we created the Three Stepping Stones to Wellness, bridging science and spirituality to restore wholeness and joy. Come along, we’ll show you how.


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From Ashes to Wholeness

I live a life of joy and wholeness that blossomed out of despair. Cancer and depression had stripped away my humanity and when all traditional measures failed I knew that I, alone, had to pull myself out of that hole. And from that place of terror came a higher presence guiding me to extraordinary knowing and wellness.

Like a gentle palm in the small of my back I was steered to healing practices and philosophies that enabled me to generate wellness by opening to new ways of thinking that removed blockages, ignited my personal power and connected me with a new frequency of wellness and joy. 

The resulting Four Stepping Stones to Wellness can help anyone reclaim their physical and mental health.

I feel a personal kinship with anyone who experiences physical or emotional challenges.


I know that I was made vibrant again so I could be a messenger and bring clarity to these healing foundations for you. If it can happen for me, it can certainly happen for you …

                           - Come dance!

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The Three Stepping-Stones to Wellness and Joy: A Woman, A Higher Presence and Triumph Over Illness and Depression

“I am endlessly the nine-year-old girl rolling my overalls up to my knees and stepping stones in my bare feet across mountain streams, a sneaker in each outstretched hand for balance. The girl irresistibly lured by the unknown and seeking discovery.

“This courage, grit and gumption served me well in mid-life when cancer and depression stripped away my life. But I refused to abandon my life to ashes, surrendered control to a higher presence, and live today in joy and fulfillment. By putting pen to page I bring this full circle by passing my learning and good fortune along to you. It is my ministry to help you return to wholeness too. Come with us, we’ll show you how.”                                                            

- Linda Dierks

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