Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

You may be asking:

  •  How do I create smoother relationships?
  •  How can I identify and remove blockages to my happiness and potential?
  •  What attitudes and energies lie behind my health, work, and prosperity issues?
  •  Do I have food sensitivities that cause weight gain, fatigue, or depression?
  •  How do I create a life free from depression, anxiety, or emotional turmoil?

Together we will create, elevate, and play.

I’ll pinpoint the source of your issues and guide you as a Certified Intuitive Healer, channeler, master dowser, energy practitioner, and Science of Mind scholar. I’m also a breast cancer and depression victor, and a life journeyer – see education. Together we can hoist your sail and catch a divine wind.

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A glimpse of Linda:

A glimpse of Linda:
Book: Quiet Mind: Natural Freedom from Depression and Anxiety.
Free online Quiet Mind Mental Wellness program: Facebook
Website: Spin Straw to Gold, Education, Insights, Author Gold
YouTube: Quiet Mind, Coaching Corner, Wisdoms from Nature
Science of Mind Magazine: published articles and author gallery
Enlightened World Online: radio series – Step Into your Power

Replace uncertainty with confident steps.
How can I serve you and help you find your path?

My ministry is to use my gifts to serve you. My pace is relaxed and my attitude playful and joyful. I work with a limited number of clients, so you are assured of being held in love and receiving personal attention.

The process

Send me an email and we’ll arrange a time to talk to clarify your needs and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. I will read your energies, thoughtfully pull in the images and messages, assemble your story, then offer suggestions and exercises to change the energy and accelerate your success. I’ll help you see yourself as you are and as you can be.

If you have any questions or would like to chat in advance, always feel free to email me to set a time. Our meetings will be held by Zoom videoconference or by phone…


Simple Yes/No Answers to Questions

3 for $50

Food Sensitivity Diagnosis or Supplement Evaluation
Dowsing, energy reading


Intuitive Diagnosis Reading –
Energy scan, channeled images and messages identifying blockages and strengths to health, potential, and new endeavors.


Intuitive Diagnosis additional sessions


Energy scan of all parties, messages, and images:
– relationships/work – why it fits, why it doesn’t
– self-esteem – stepping into your power
– addictions – support for your recovery
– any place you feel friction or lack of clarity


Box of Chocolates:
Mix and match, answer your questions, solve life
challenges, develop your own clairvoyant skills.


Monthly Intensive Coaching:
This is extremely beneficial to those using my
Quiet Mind Mental Wellness program.


Death Doula:
I work with the family and friends of someone who is passing to gauge how far they are into the process and identify what they may like to hear to help them pass. I consider this sacred work and offer it free of charge.

no charge

Financial hardship? Just ask!

I love working with groups. Call me for speaker engagements or workshops. See Speakers and Workshops.

Any and all information contained in Linda’s website, blogs, podcasts, programs, and books is for educational and informational purposes only and not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or substitute for a trained medical professional. This information is made available as a self-help tool and each individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Soul Sailing is a registered tradename.

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Linda Dierks

Brattleboro, VT/Palm Springs, CA



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