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The Indelible Spark Within

By Linda Dierks | July 26, 2018

Last week my beloved Uncle Judd passed at the ripe age of 92. He was the consummate slow-moving, dry-witted Vermonter, the model of the George Utley character on the TV Vermont bed and breakfast sitcom, The Newhart Show. It reminds me that we all have a spark of the divine, the Godforce that glows in each of us. It is completely unique having never lived before or will again. It’s the essence of our spirit and the ceaseless two-way interplay with our source. Upon death this spark returns to our creator. Emanating from the heart, this diamond-pure spark is invincible....

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The Art of Allowing

By Linda Dierks | July 12, 2018

I was a go, go, do, do, goal-oriented, results-driven, multi-tasking wizard. My father called me the Hurricane Kid. You get the picture. But when I started doing higher-awareness work I discovered a new process that reaped richer results. When I paused I created an energetic opening, a pregnant portal through which Spirit had free reign to express. By allowing and not striving I am telling that divine presence, “I am listening.” Through the art of allowing you create a synchronicity that gently but powerfully flows to you, a positive expectancy that feeds creativity, intuition, opportunities, possibilities and potential that expands...

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Body Positive

By Linda Dierks | June 28, 2018

I saw you. You got up this morning, looked in the mirror and told yourself for the 1,000th time how beautiful you are. No? Today you start a new ritual of self-love. How you view your physical self reflects in every aspect of your life. See your unique flavor of beauty. Beauty isn’t just one style; beauty is an attitude that is one-size-fits-all. Scarecrow or snowman, bald or bushy, smooth or wrinkly love the gift by loving the wrapping it came in. Beauty is the light you shine. I recently saw a generously proportioned woman in the supermarket who “owned”...

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Joy is My Compass

By Linda Dierks | June 21, 2018

Happy Solstice as the sun starts a new direction. Pray for new directions for our country and the world. “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” – note on Stephen Colbert’s desk I turned the corner when I let joy be my compass. And I mean kick-ass joy that continuously bubbles up from my core and becomes part of my every-day life. Joy that makes me grin in the supermarket and sing in the garden. Joy that springs from genuine love of myself, the life I’ve purposely created and my connection to my higher power. Joy...

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Step Into Your Power – Engage, Expand, Express

By Linda Dierks | June 7, 2018

Like a cork rising to the surface, it’s our nature to expand to our fullest expression and potential and our foundation for this growth is personal empowerment and self-esteem.  Embrace all of life’s possibilities by incorporating these tools.  Balance stone upon stone to build a stupa of personal power. – Know Yourself – establish a platform by defining who you are. – Embrace Your Gifts –  honor your skills and grab the fruit of boundless potential and possibility. – Love Yourself – trade the blockages of doubt and uncertainty for calm and confidence. – Walk With Spirit – you are...

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Step Into Your Power – Walk With a Higher Presence

By Linda Dierks | May 31, 2018

Intellectual, social, creative and spiritual fulfillment are the basic needs of human existence. Since pre-historic man we have expressed spirituality in countless ways that are personal and unique to each of us. I define spirituality as recognizing that I am a being of energy within a greater energetic field. This universal field that I call Spirit is filled with abundance, joy and wellness and is invested in me achieving my best.  Called Quantum Spirituality, it is the union of science and spirituality. This energetic force has a high vibrational frequency. When you incorporate spiritual practices and live by spiritual principles...

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Step Into Your Power – Love Yourself

By Linda Dierks | May 22, 2018

Love and God are synonymous. Stand in love and you rise to the highest frequency and engage in your personal dance with the divine. The more you express love the more you ignite and circulate this sacred vitality in an ever-escalating upward spiral. The practice of Self Love is instant and enormous. Try it, right now. Pour love down through your central channel core in a steady flow. With a flush of warmth and expansion you wash away feelings of doubt, insecurity and self-limiting thoughts. In a moment you infuse yourself with calm & confidence. You raise your self-esteem and...

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Step Into Your Power – Embrace Your Gifts

By Linda Dierks | May 15, 2018

“And if your light’s under a bushel, it’s lost something kind of crucial.  You got to stay bright to be the light of the world.”                                                                         – lyrics to Light of the World, Godspell You are endowed with distinctive gifts. A mix of talents, skills and interests that light you up and set you apart. Do you launch your gifts or let them languish behind...

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Step Into Your Power – Know Yourself

By Linda Dierks | May 1, 2018

I knew that I had stepped into my power and reclaimed my confidence when I no longer felt “less than” anyone regardless of their success, profession or financial status. Knowing I was onto something I scratched my head and got serious about finding out where it came from.  What did I do right? Self-esteem starts with defining who you are.  That sense of self, that radiant pillar of light, flavor, color, and being-ness that is uniquely you. Ask yourself …. When I let go of fitting in what is it about me that rises to the top? What rings sterling and true...

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Growing Through Adversity

By Linda Dierks | April 24, 2018

This week I post my article from the March edition of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. My sincerest thanks to SOM for welcoming new authors. Finding the Gift in Illness, Adversity & Spirituality  Growing Through Adversity by Linda Dierks Wouldn’t we love our lives to bounce along without a single bump or bruise? We’d gladly live fairy tale lives but the trade-off would be losing those treasured tangles that, in hindsight, brought us the most meaningful rewards, that gift we find when we rise above obstacles and gain greater insight. I refer to those days as the ‘dark ages.’ My...

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Ghosts From the Past, Who You Gonna Call?

By Linda Dierks | June 6, 2019

Ghosts are those long-ago incidences of mistreatment, oppression, outrage, and fear that still haunt you. For the offender, they manifest as guilt. For the offendee, they are blamed for poor self-esteem, living in victimhood, and a catch-all for life’s hardships. Who you gonna call? You can’t change the past but you can change your attitude about it. Look more closely and you’ll see that these challenges hold a greater lesson for you. My challenges generated valuable life-skills of grit, determination, and personal empowerment. Changing your perception comes from a place of higher consciousness. It is the completion of the lesson...

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Finding More Beauty in Life

By Linda Dierks | May 2, 2019

My Panda Express fortune cookie said, “You see beauty where others see only ordinary.” Hmm, that’s true. I find beauty in both the ornate and the simple. And when I raise my awareness by choosing joy, appreciation, and looking for the best in others, the more beauty I find. When I align with this higher frequency I lift the veil to reveal more.   My guide tells me: – Beauty is that which both elevates and restores you. – Beauty is coming into yourself – finding your genuine nature, your purpose, your voice. – The more beauty you see in...

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Weaving the Fabric of Life

By Linda Dierks | April 11, 2019

When I was a kid, I wove potholders out of nylon loops on a metal frame. I gave my grandmother a zillion of them and she still “oohed” and “aahed” over every one. The weave of your life is also created with the same care and attention. Hold the fabric of your life up to the sun and examine the intertwining threads, like cheesecloth. The vertical warp represents your character and the values that give structure to your life. It is fixed. But the weft is something you consciously choose. The weft are the attitudes you carry, the memories you...

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You Have the Ruby Slippers

By Linda Dierks | March 31, 2019

Dorothy: Will you help me?Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power.Dorothy: I have?Glinda: Just close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. You also have always had the power. The power of the Ruby Slippers lies in your thoughts. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every attitude you project, has an energy that attracts the identical match to you.Focus your thoughts on what you seek and you are on the fast track to the Emerald City. Entertain doubt or limiting thoughts and you’ll be trapped in the forest. There is...

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Am I Guided?

By Linda Dierks | March 14, 2019

Happy birthday to Creating Joy and Wellness. In this first year our tribe has nearly doubled. Much gratitude to you all, I’m continuously inspired by your comments and encouragement.Am I Guided? Absolutely! Everyone is guided. Surely, you’ve had instances of uncanny coincidences or déjà vu. Divine guidance is the knowing in your heart, the tug of intuition at your sleeve, the still voice within. To become a receiver just Open, Ask, Listen and Discover. – Ask – Declare your availability. Invite your guides in and request their assistance. They will not intrude, but are eager to help. – Listen – Look for a...

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Grab the Bull’s Eye of Self-Esteem

By Linda Dierks | February 28, 2019

I recently read that the measure of your self-esteem is the distance between who you are and who you want to be. Grabbing self-esteem is your bull’s eye; anchored and unwavering. Who you are? Is true authenticity & being comfortable in your own skin. Is the balance between self-importance and self-doubt. Is outgrowing the need for approval from others and finding approval from within. Is the courage to be transparent, warts and all. Who you want to be? Is the ability to fully utilize your skills and special gifts. Is the bravery to voice your truth to the world. Is...

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Wait For It

By Linda Dierks | February 14, 2019

As a 60s Child I used to thrive on instant gratification. Today I see the bigger picture and know there is a Divine plan unfolding for my highest good. As a Type A personality I’m not famous for letting go of control but I’m learning that everything happens not at my pace, but at the pace of Spirit, and will express in a grander way when I wait for it. Like a giant Rubik’s Cube, quiet forces are working behind the scenes, re-aligning circumstances and clearing a path that brings possibility and potential to actuality. The more I let go...

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Play Like a Dog

By Linda Dierks | January 31, 2019

As a former marketing person, I love clever catchphrases, my favorite being “play like a dog.” Instant rapture! The wild abandon, the power of physical exertion and breathlessness, the ultimate output for the irresistible draw of stick. Have you ever played frisbee with a zealous pooch? Then you know that boundless, exuberant, inexhaustible and unbridled force. In joy, you merge with the infinite possibility of Spirit and create that flashpoint, the quickening of synchronicity and magic. Find joy and you cultivate more joy. J. – Just O. – Open Y. – Yourself  “You are joy, looking for a way to...

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Swamped? Take the Long Way Home

By Linda Dierks | January 17, 2019

We’ve all found ourselves in a perfect storm when work, family and general life converge and leave you feeling swamped. Stress puts up blinders to critical thinking. Fear robs you of trust in your abilities. But when you disengage, even briefly, you break the cycle, deflect the frenzy and dread and regain your power and resilience. Re-claim control by letting go of control. That’s right. By letting go of striving you create a state of allowing. You sync with source energy and generate clear decisions, alternate routes, innovative solutions and positive outcomes. You allow by letting the Universe take the...

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You Are a Glowing Holiday Ornament

By Linda Dierks | December 20, 2018

Like a holiday bobble you generate a luminescent orb around you. I call it your energy field. Scientists call it your biosphere. Others call it your aura. When I starting seeing this etheric field it served as a constant reminder that I am a being of energy. Because our thoughts are also energy, these mind/body forces are in constant interaction. When you think of health, you create health; when you think of illness, you attract illness; when you feel lustrous and vibrant, you attract more of the same. I define Mind, Body, Spirit integration as: Mind –  A mind that generates positive...

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