Bring more joy, more peace to your life.
Dear all, 
I send my sincerest gratitude for your support of my programs and writings over these years. They have come directly from my heart to your heart.

By the blessing of Vermont’s Act 39, Death with Dignity law, I will be lifting off from my physical form Saturday, July 10, at 11:00 A.M., E.T., in the glory of Vermont’s green mountains I so dearly love.

The deepest honor you could bestow would be to join me in spirit for a few minutes, wherever you are, at 11:00 as stated above. There will be hundreds of hands joining their intentions, and lifting me in love as I pass from physical to eternal. This is a link we will always share.

This will be a very personal and private ceremony but an audio recording can be accessed on my YouTube Channel the following day.  Link:

I remind you to always live in the highest divine frequencies of love and joy. From Basia, one of my favorite singers, “Go and ask anybody, they will all say the same, love is contagious, it is part of a chain.”   

Feel free to invite others to join in.

From my heart to yours,