Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

In meditation this morning I was shown the opposing factions in the U.S. – angry people shouting, waving their arms, and a line separating them. Then the line softened and shaped into a yin yang symbol, the universal image for balance and unity.

After this election the dust will settle but the mending will remain. How do we soften that line of divisiveness? We create unity by consciously choosing our attitudes – by letting go of anger and looking for our commonalities. Do we all live under a blue sky. Do we all love our childre

It’s time to dig deeply into your core values. To replace habitual reactions with a higher desire. To focus on the future, not the heat of the moment. To place peace above being right, acceptance above judgment, and cooperation above ego. Your success is a reflection of your solidarity with yourself.

And trust there is a divine plan unfolding.

“We all want the same things, to be happy and be loved, 
and we are all connected to one another.”                                                                                   – Dalai Lama