Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Fa la la la la – à la Linda.

From We Three Kings – STAR OF WONDER, STAR OF LIGHTBask in the benevolence of a higher light. You are one with a loving, abundant, unified force that is invested in your greatest good. My guide tells me, “Hold out your basket and allow the universe fill it.”

From Silent Night – RADIANT BEAMS FROM THY HOLY FACE. This higher light expresses itself in physical form through you. You are an individual ray in the beam of this greater light. Allow it to flow freely through you. You are radiant when you radiate love.  

From It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – TO TOUCH THEIR HEARTS OF GOLD.This radiant light within you is your inseparable connection with the divine. It is that spark that is completely unique to you, having never sparked before or ever will again. It is the golden, indelible core in your heart that can never be touched by pain, trauma, or self-doubt.

HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING – You are never separate from your higher guides. They are your personal team and are invested in the fulfillment of your joy, success, and lessons in this lifetime. Make them your steady friends and partners. Connect from your heart. Ask … then listen.

JOY TO THE WORLD – Love and joy are the highest frequency. In these troubled times they transcend illness, isolation, and uncertainty. Think from your heart and international boundaries disappear, we build a deeper connection to humanity, and come together to create a higher vision. One love.

Happy holidays from my home to yours and
tidings for a safe, peaceful, and prosperous new year.