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What’s my trick? I post questions to my ‘cosmic bulletin board’ then my higher posse responds with just the right message, often through the voice others

Ram Dass, spiritual leader and philosopher shares the parable of a man who had a painting of a beautiful blue sky and sun shining over a grey ocean but the only frame he had was too small. When he folded the painting to fit the frame all he could see was the grey ocean forgetting there was blue sky above.
See the whole picture.
Dr. Joe Hooper, our leader at the Centers for Spiritual Living, points out the stunning mountain peaks that surround our Palm Springs area. He reminds us that this beauty was created by the heat and upheaval of volcanoes and the violence of collisions in the earth’s crust. 
From calamity comes great beauty.
Neelam Minocha, one of my teachers, notes the opportunity to see our lives from a higher perspective. Like an eagle we can be the observer of our challenges and all that is falling away; to see how we are learning and expanding as a human race. “The world is entering a new phase of regeneration and restoration.  … 
Trust the unfolding and do not get swept away by the drama.”Explore more!
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