Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Whoa! What happened? Last January we were filled with the promise of 20/20 vision and clarity in the coming year. Now our core is quivering from pandemic, racial atrocity, fire, and environmental negligence. Armageddon? No. It’s a cleansing of outdated paradigms and the genesis of a new era.
This is a time of unimaginable opportunity to be grasped with insight, farsightedness, and a broad scope. It’s the quickening of potential; the pinnacle of which will be determined by the vision of our leaders. 
What is visionary leadership? It’s a blend inspiration and imagination that’s anchored in integrity and respect for humanity. It’s birthed when you lose the ego and think from “we” not “me.” It’s achieved through the art of consensus building and compromise. It’s shut down by tyranny, confrontation, and taking the hard line.

Create vision in 20/20.
Be a visionary leader.
Choose visionary leaders.