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Where the heck has she been!?  

There’s just no clever way to sugar-coat this one guys. Early February I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I’m over the trauma and drama and sharing what I know to be true. Illness is never random. It’s an avenue to the lessons we’ve chosen for this lifetime. I call it spiritual tough love.  

My first voyage through breast cancer 18 years ago was about the inner work – managing my thoughts, finding my authenticity, and learning to love myself.   This second journey is about the outer work. It’s about expanding into a higher identity. When I searched for this identity I found it was already within me; I just needed to create the space for it to flourish.  

True expansion is more than releasing our conditioning. It’s stepping beyond our existing consciousness – a consciousness that filters out new concepts that aren’t in alignment with existing beliefs. Expansion is finding the space that’s beyond the physical brain.  

Even within the seemingly most unacceptable and painful situation is concealed a deeper good, and within every disaster is contained the seed of grace.”       ~ Eckhart Tolle