Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

I saw you. You got up this morning, looked in the mirror and told yourself for the 1,000th time how beautiful you are. No? Today you start a new ritual of self-love. How you view your physical self reflects in every aspect of your life. See your unique flavor of beauty. Beauty isn’t just one style; beauty is an attitude that is one-size-fits-all. Scarecrow or snowman, bald or bushy, smooth or wrinkly love the gift by loving the wrapping it came in. Beauty is the light you shine.

I recently saw a generously proportioned woman in the supermarket who “owned” it. She was dressed to the nines, exuded an aura of aplomb and self-appreciation and I thought “Wow, you go girl!”  Yes, I noticed that she was overweight but the impression I walked away with was a woman who was self-assured and confident. People remember your poise, your presence, not your pounds.

Several years ago society rose up against unrealistic body proportions in the modeling industry and now plus-sized divas are changing the game. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham, yoga sensation Jessamyn Stanley and ballet dancer Lizzy Howell are role-models and champions of new initiatives that encourage a positive body image – see links below. Be sexy, be athletic, be liberated.  Be all you can be from where you are right now.

  • C’mon. Toss back your shoulders. Hit the runway. Fill the spotlight.

Beauty will dance with anyone who is brave enough to ask her.”

                                                                        – J. Ruth Gendler