Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Self-Esteem à la Linda 

Oooo … color your life with confidence. Taste the sweetness of personal power. Grab the fruit of potential. You create the wellspring of life’s goodies when you step into glowing self-esteem.

By rebuilding my self-image after my Dark Ages I quit being a marionette to other people or circumstances and became the master of my own life. It’s worth the effort! Here’s how:  

– Place greater value and pride on your inner qualities vs. outward appearances or achievements.

– Dare to be unique. Allow yourself to be genuine and authentic and voilá – you’ll find it’s a perfect fit! Such a joy to be comfortable in your own skin.

– Me? I started not giving a damn what other people thought of me. I was told this comes when you turn 60. Wish I’d learned this when I was younger!

– Find your voice and put it out to the world. The light you’ve been hiding under a bushel will be a ray to others. 

– Find your tribe. Finding peers who see the world as you do validates, stimulates, and elevates you. Mutual support creates your highest good and achievement.

Your beauty lies in your originality, not your sameness. Sing it out.

Christopher Robin reminded Pooh,
“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem
and smarter than you think.”

A Corona note: From this time will come a new societal order.  A higher awareness with a greater calm, a slower pace, sincere gratitude, and greater unity with one another. This is an adjustment in global consciousness.
Hold your Quiet Mind practices near by calming your mind, guiding your thoughts and emotions, and avoiding news and social media. Keeping a higher vibration of balance and clarity reflects in everyone’s health.