Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

When I first started working with energy my understanding of relationships with others skyrocketed when I learned about our “home frequency” – the resonance of our energy field that is unique to each of us. And, like a musical note, you are in harmony or discord with the people around you.

Like a magnet, if you instantly fuse and feel comfortable with someone you have similar or harmonic frequencies. But if you feel friction with certain people, it’s likely you have discordant frequencies and another opportunity to exercise your higher consciousness skills.

Engage with the person, look deeper to find something you have in common or a quality you like about them. Let go of judgment and criticism. When you find a common thread, you create a synchronistic resonance and conflicts unsnag.  
“Yes, there is peace on earth,
And yes, it begins with me…”                                                     ~ Peace Song, Ricky Scaggs