Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

I do this wonderful work today because enlightened women believed in me and mentored me. I’m sure they’re unaware of the depth of their impact or my level of gratitude for making this life of joy and fulfillment possible.

Be a mentor. Give help with one hand behind you and receive help with one hand in front of you. Become a link in the chain that ignites both the giver and receiver and amplifies the abundance available to us all.

In his book, The Grace Factor, Allen Cohen wrote, “If even one visionary friend finds the light in you and fans the flame your life becomes a whole new story. If you find the light in one person and magnify it with your intention and support you rise above the mire of worldly negation and infuse love in a space once bleak. The encouragement you give does not stop with the recipient. It will expand through roots far beyond your imagination.”

With great gratitude to my mentors:
Meredith Young-Sowers, Ruth Anderson,
Ellen Tadd, Susan Shepherd, Mary Ellen Copeland,
Linda Hawk and Cynthia Baldwin.
I love you and thank you for believing in me.