Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Just like your old Etch A Sketch you can erase old paths and engrave new ones in your brain. Our brains have enormous plasticity. One hundred billion neurons and their connecting synapse create highways of thoughts that dictate how we interface with the world around us.

Use the same route and you strengthen it. Pick a different route and the old one falls into disrepair. We become what we repeatedly think. Create harmony or harshness, blockages or breakthroughs.  Scientists refer to this as cognitive thought and neuroplasticity.

So why do we care? Beneficial thoughts, reactions and habitual behaviors can be reinforced. But the circuits that carry limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative conditioning can be rewritten with a new script of self-empowerment and abundance.

In these few weeks we’ve covered the basics – energy, thought & brain sculpting. When we change our attitudes we change the external conditions of our lives. By using divine qualities of love, gratitude and mind management we become conscious co-creators of our lives and raise our frequency to attract the bounty, health and happiness of the Universal Field.

We are a funnel into which the divine energy of
joy, wellness and abundance flows.

Practice these skills and you become a bigger funnel.

Learning how to harness your mind to promote growth
is the secret to a harmonious and happy life.
And of course it’s no secret teachers like Buddha and Jesus
have told the same story for millennia.
Now science is pointing in the same direction.
It is not our genes but our beliefs that control our lives.
– Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.