Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Set up your greatest year ever! Instead of a New Year’s resolution pick a point of higher consciousness to incorporate into your life.
Here are five key points. Pick one or create one of your own. Hold this gem near and begin and end each day contemplating and reinforcing it into your conscious mind. As you move up the ladder of consciousness your world will shift and life’s riches unfold.
– I see the importance of calming my mind and have a daily practice.
– I think from “we” not “me” knowing we are all connected.
– I have the power to be the creator of my life, not a bystander in my life.
– I know a higher power exists within me, not separate from me.
– I live from love and unity, not fear and separation.
The “I get it” epiphanies can come to you anytime, anywhere. Last year my “We are all connected” came while watching shoppers at Walmart. I send much love and fresh new beginnings to you all.  

Laugh a lot, love a lot, 
and enjoy perfect 2020 clarity in the New Year.