Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Ghosts are those long-ago incidences of mistreatment, oppression, outrage, and fear that still haunt you. For the offender, they manifest as guilt. For the offendee, they are blamed for poor self-esteem, living in victimhood, and a catch-all for life’s hardships.

Who you gonna call? You can’t change the past but you can change your attitude about it. Look more closely and you’ll see that these challenges hold a greater lesson for you. My challenges generated valuable life-skills of grit, determination, and personal empowerment. Changing your perception comes from a place of higher consciousness. It is the completion of the lesson and exorcism of the ghost. 

Pull that ugly beast up by the scruff of the neck and stare it square in the eyes. Bring it out of the past and into the present where it can be rectified and released. Vanquish the ghost with forgiveness, compassion, and love, and gratitude for the lessons.

My ghosts were pointing and laughing at me for entertaining them for so long. 

“Most people never heal because they stay in their heads,
replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go.”                                                              ~ S. Mcnugg