Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Like a holiday bobble you generate a luminescent orb around you. I call it your energy field. Scientists call it your biosphere. Others call it your aura. When I starting seeing this etheric field it served as a constant reminder that I am a being of energy.

Because our thoughts are also energy, these mind/body forces are in constant interaction. When you think of health, you create health; when you think of illness, you attract illness; when you feel lustrous and vibrant, you attract more of the same. I define Mind, Body, Spirit integration as:

Mind –  A mind that generates positive thoughts creates happy, healthy bodies.
Body – Your physical and mental health are the by-product of your positive mind.
Spirit – Spirit is the power of our thoughts.

Exercise: Rub your hands together to activate the energy. Hold your palms a few inches apart facing each other. Slowly move your hands in and out to feel the energy between your palms and the tingling in your fingers. Now, notice how the vibrancy of this energy changes when you alternate from distressing thoughts to soothing thoughts.

Wishing you great joy and wellness in this season of love. From my heart to yours. – Linda

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