Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Do you have amazing synchronicities? Those times when new realizations come from out of the blue and from multiple sources? Lately my message has been, “Health and happiness come from higher awareness.” And our everyday higher awareness is simply the expression of love, joy, and gratitude.

Is your health and happiness at the top of your agenda? Let go of fear and judgement and nourish it with the gusto of childlike play and the oneness of selfless love. Like the plant on your windowsill, the cultivation you give it is returned back to you. You reap the rewards of the effort you invest.

Higher awareness is created by the choices you make – your choice of thought, attitude and emotional reaction. Reach for the higher thought, the kinder conclusion. Then supercharge it by inviting in a higher presence to create a life that’s softer, gentler, and more receptive to all the goodies.

“Nothing responds as quickly as your physical body 
to your patterns of thought. 
Find something to feel good about then get out of the way and 
allow the cells to receive what they’ve been asking for. 
That is the key to healing.”         

                                                                               ~ Abraham/Ester Hicks