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Living Smart With Your Smartphone
My friends laughed at me until they tried it themselves. Ha! Now I double dare you to do the same. Putting boundaries around my phone along with my meditation practice and not watching the news are the three greatest contributors to my wellness and higher consciousness.
Experts refer to it as the Hidden Pandemic of Electronic Devices where constant interruptions put you in an unhealthy reactive vs. proactive mind-set, disrupt your focus, encourage short attention spans and cause fatigue and depression. They recommend these steps:
        – Encourage less intrusive e-mail vs. texting whenever possible.
              Respond to communications on your time; not someone else’s.
        – Turn off your electronics for at least an hour twice a day.
        – Eliminate all apps except the bare essentials.
        – Set up a positive day. Don’t look at your phone, e-mail or social media                    until an hour after rising.
Instantly you’ll notice a shift as you regain your natural creativity and
curiosity, have richer relationships and rediscover greater serenity and joy. 
Dare to be a leader. Make your phone a tool you use.
Not a tool that uses

From my heart to yours, 
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