Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

I learned something interesting recently. I’d taken a mindfulness course but never received that “Aha!” moment. It occurred to me that I didn’t experience a shift because I was generally anchored in the Here and Now. It was another one of those connect-the-dots moments when I recognized another perk from my thought-management practice.

I let go of the past when I let go of regret for opportunities missed, unmet expectations, self-flagellation for my multitude of sins, forgave those who had harmed me and accepted mistakes as a natural progression to learning. I let go of the future when I let go of apprehension, control, fear, striving, and stress. What remained was that middle space, the quiet present moment – the Still Point.

The Still Point is a place of inner silence unencumbered by brain chatter. A space of pristine clarity free from the fog of our conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. That void where Universal Intelligence dwells, where possibility meets potential, and probability becomes actuality.

  • Become engaged with your life. Be your own creator.  At this moment, where are your thoughts anchoring you? 

Exercise: Cross both of your hands over your heart
and find the stillness.
Let go of your thoughts and access
Universal Intelligence.