Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

I knew that I had stepped into my power and reclaimed my confidence when I no longer felt “less than” anyone regardless of their success, profession or financial status. Knowing I was onto something I scratched my head and got serious about finding out where it came from.  What did I do right?

Self-esteem starts with defining who you are.  That sense of self, that radiant pillar of light, flavor, color, and being-ness that is uniquely you. Ask yourself …. When I let go of fitting in what is it about me that rises to the top? What rings sterling and true about my qualities and abilities? What gifts are distinctly mine and how confident am I putting them out in the world? When that force of intuition and desire tugs my sleeve where is it pointing me?

Be genuine. You’ll be more highly respected than if you were running with the crowd. No one is wiser, more experienced or smarter than you. If someone thinks they are they’re only exposing their own lack of confidence. Christopher Robin reminded Pooh, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

When you step into your power you quit being a marionette to other people and external forces. You become the individualized and unique expression of your Source creator.
“Once you know who you really are, being is enough.
You feel neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone
and you have no need for approval because
you’ve awakened to your own infinite worth.”

– Deepak Chopra

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