Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Stepping Up to the Plate, You and I

This started when two of my favorite women, both successful authors, said, “You should write a book. Share your learning and healing success to help others.” I had dug myself out of a deep hole of illness and depression using core healing skills and wanted to broaden my audience beyond my workshops. And when Science of Mind magazine featured one of my articles I knew the Universe was saying “yes.”

Now, there’s that place in all of us that would rather die fat, dumb and happy. But I know this was the purpose behind my Dark Ages and an agreement I made before coming into this lifetime, so I’m stepping up to the plate. I offer this weekly blog of insights to help you create greater joy and wellness and let me grease my creative skids while working on the book.

The first few weeks I’ll cover some basic principles followed by myFour Stepping Stones to Wellness then together we’ll blast off into some really fun and juicy stuff.

Spring is the time for renewal. Step up to the plate with me. Experience has shown me that the more you step up the more it expands.

This week, cleanse away the winter cobwebs and prepare for a fresh perspective.

80 percent of success is just showing up.” – Woody Allen