Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

We’ve all found ourselves in a perfect storm when work, family and general life converge and leave you feeling swamped. Stress puts up blinders to critical thinking. Fear robs you of trust in your abilities. But when you disengage, even briefly, you break the cycle, deflect the frenzy and dread and regain your power and resilience.

Re-claim control by letting go of control. That’s right. By letting go of striving you create a state of allowing. You sync with source energy and generate clear decisions, alternate routes, innovative solutions and positive outcomes. You allow by letting the Universe take the rudder.

Create mini-pockets of time for a quick meditation or a moment to express love and gratitude. On my morning hike, if I feel strained, I create a short cut to the answer … by taking the long way home.

It is said that one morning, Gandhi saw an
exceptionally busy day ahead and said,
“I must meditate for two hours instead of just one.”