Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

I was a go, go, do, do, goal-oriented, results-driven, multi-tasking wizard. My father called me the Hurricane Kid. You get the picture. But when I started doing higher-awareness work I discovered a new process that reaped richer results. When I paused I created an energetic opening, a pregnant portal through which Spirit had free reign to express. By allowing and not striving I am telling that divine presence, “I am listening.”

Through the art of allowing you create a synchronicity that gently but powerfully flows to you, a positive expectancy that feeds creativity, intuition, opportunities, possibilities and potential that expands your work and your consciousness. The skill of allowing comes from the trust and understanding that everything has divine timing; from knowing that it will happen, not at your pace but at the pace of Spirit. When you let go of control and trust the Universe you are saying
“give me more.”

Feed the cycle of creation and expression with newness, freshness. Steer away from striving that creates dense energy and shuts down this cycle. When you allow you continuously grow. When you strive you fly at the same level.  Chopra reinforces, “Ambition, hard work and planning are the refuge of failure.”  If you want miracles rather than mainstream ….. wait for it.

– Set your intention and allow the Universe to show up.

“Allow God to play.  Ask, say “bring it on,” allow an openness and a newness,
a time to let go of the present and be in the moment,
allow divine energy to play, to participate and come to us;
ask for it, pray for it, divine love is the active creative love of the universe …..”

–  Meredith Young-Sowers