Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

The Colors of Spirituality

I was thinking of spirituality as a blend of many different qualities; primarily love, joy and beauty. Then my guide chimed in saying, “Yes! The qualities of spirituality are like the colors of nature. When you blend them you get richer results.”

It looks like this:    

           Primary Colors                          Secondary Colors

               blue + yellow               =                   green
               blue + red                    =                   purple
               red + yellow                 =                   orange

   Primary Spiritual Qualities              Secondary Qualities

               love + joy                     =                    gratitude
               love + beauty               =                    peace
               joy + beauty                 =                    kindness

One of my treasured possessions is a stained-glass kaleidoscope given to me by my mother. With each spin you create new and more amazing images. Similarly, when you blend and express your spiritual qualities, you create a higher consciousness.

The more qualities you incorporate, the deeper your spiritual practice.