Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

How do we finally end this? It’s my nature to look for the systemic flaw, the core attitude, the shaky scaffolding that is the root of injustice.

Prejudice will always exist as long as anyone feels the need to be superior over someone else. Anyone who elevates themselves above another because of what they have, their abilities, or success. Eventually, this mindset of inequality will trickle down to a race, religion, origin, or gender. Prejudice knows no boundaries. No one is safe.

Prejudice is the by-product of low self-esteem. It’s the expression of an unstable ego that is elevated by suppressing others. To make someone wrong in order for them to be right. To feed their lack of power by stealing someone else’s.

The fix? Know and live by the higher consciousness principle, “We are all One.” Visualizing oneness I’m shown that each of us are individual crystals on a huge chandelier. The light of the Godforce shines equally through each of us and we are infinitely connected through the same grid.

It is time to examine our own scaffolding.
It is time to step up as One. 
It is time for us to walk the talk of
“A World that Works for Everyone.”