Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Be smart with your smartphone. Know the danger electronics play with your mental and physical health as your mind is captured and reprogrammed and your body is barraged with harmful low-vibration electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution called “electrosmog.” 
Gradually we are losing our natural perceptions, interpretations and instincts
as the brain is numbed by repetition and addictive behaviors built into screen time.Television’s 60 Minutes called it “brain hacking” emphasizing that, “Never have the lives of so many been in the hands of so few.”  Big Brother?
It’s no coincidence that the spike in mental disorders coincides with the surge in the use of electronics. We are deceived into thinking that EMF and especially 5G is safe by those who benefit – cell phone service providers, wifi companies, electronics manufacturers and utility companies promoting Smart Meters.
Get refreshingly disconnected. Plug into a higher source. Spin Straw to Gold.

Make electronics a tool you use.
Not a tool that uses you.