Bring more joy, more peace to your life.

Why make it so complicated?

Thirty years ago, my higher source told me, “Your skill and your soul’s purpose in this lifetime is to make clear what was once muddy.” At the time I was the least likely person to be teaching higher awareness skills! But from the twist of life’s circumstances came these four simple truths:

– You can incorporate energy medicine, quantum mechanics, and Law of Attraction …
             Or just live from love and joy.

– You can practice cognitive thought, neurolinguistic programming and neuroplasticity …
             Or just manage your inner dialogue.

– You can study behavior modification and cognitive-behavioral therapy …
             Or just integrate positive lifestyle practices.

– You can spend a lifetime seeking spiritual awakening and transformation …
             Or just calm your mind and listen.

From Simplification comes clarity.
I sum it up in one phrase,
“It’s all about what you allow to move through your heart.”